Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Blogging!

We got it all fixed and I am back to blogging.   Be sure and scroll down because I have posted many things the past two days!   Happy New Year!

First NFL Football Game

Heath and Eli experienced their first NFL football game this weekend.  We took them to Atlanta to see the Falcons play the St. Louis Rams.  We have season tickets to the game but have not taken them until this game.  Heath had a difficult time sitting still.  Eli did a really good job!  Eli didn't much like the loud fireworks and music they played at the beginning of the game and when the Falcons scored but he was a really good boy!   They had a BMX show at half time and the boys really liked that!   When we were leaving Eli said, "I weally wove the Falcons!"  

Christmas 2008

We started our Christmas Eve festivities by going to the Candlelight Service at church.  After it was over we came home and got ready for Santa.  Eli and Heath fed the reindeer with reindeer food they had made at Heath's school Christmas party.

The boys then shot off a Roman Candle and watched it go off in the sky.  That was the first time they had ever done that and they thought it was "Tool" (Eli speak for cool).  The girls were scared and watched from the porch!

They then lit some sparklers.  The kids thought that was pretty neat also.  Heath even thought that when his Daddy put them in the ground that they looked like birthday candles.  We said that we were celebrating a birthday....Jesus'.

Chloe and Caroline
Chloe and Caroline again.....I could not get a picture of them looking at the camera.
Eli as a Storm Trooper.....our boys are really into Star Wars right now.

Heath with his Star Wars underwear......they were thrilled with these!

Well, you can see we had a fun and exciting Christmas.  Hope everyone else did too!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Eli's Christmas Program

This isn't the greatest picture but the lighting in the church makes it hard to take a good picture.  We do have video though.  Eli had his Christmas program at school and he did a really good job.  They sang several songs and his favorite was Jingle Bells.  He did a really good job and you can see by the smile that he had a wonderful time!

Big Girls Beds

We have official Big Girls!   We found these really beautiful beds for the girls on Craigslist from a very rich lady in Atlanta.  We couldn't pass these up so the girls got new beds!  They are doing pretty good sleeping in the beds but it is an adjustment for Mommy that they can both get out of their beds!  They also don't like to go to sleep at night so we spend 20-30 minutes standing guard at the door to put them back every time they get out.  Chloe had figured out that if she gets up in the middle of the night....don't come to Mommy's side of the bed because she takes her back to her own bed.  She comes to Daddy's side of the bed and crawls in and sleeps next to him.  He doesn't even realize she is there!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sorry for the lack of Blogging!

Our computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and we have not had the time to get the camera software on the new computer.  Until it is loaded I can't post any new pics.....but I promise I will catch up as soon as it is done.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas At Wild Adventures

We went down to Wild Adventures this weekend to see the festival of lights. We were pretty disappointed in the actual festival of lights but the kids had fun riding the rides that were open and watching the shows. The first pictures are of the Christmas show that we saw. The boys got to go up on stage to dance with Rudolph and Frosty. They were so excited. The rest of the pics are of a few of the rides that we rode. Chloe didn't much care for the tiger ride. Surprisingly she seemed pretty scared on most of the rides. She is normally such a dare-devil that it was shocking. Caroline was very excited to be on a pink horse! She loves anything pink. Heath and Eli's favorite ride was a kid-sized roller coaster. I think my boys are going to love roller coaster's as much as I do!