Friday, December 18, 2009

Chloe and Caroline had there first singing program this week. They did so tears and stayed on the stage.....that is big for 3 year olds! They have been singing the songs around the house and practicing very hard. They were so cute!

Christmas Parade 2009

Heath is in the front with the yellow shirt on!
Waving to Santa!

Daddy forgot his coat....thank heaven for thermal underwear!

Waiting on the parade to get to us.

The Christmas Parade was really cold! You can see by the pics we are all bundled up trying to keep warm. Heath had a much different perspective of the parade this year because he rode on the float with the RA's from church. He was so excited to get to ride in the parade...he didn't even care that is was freezing cold! It was sort of weird not having him there with us watching the parade.....I guess this will start to be the of the kids will be involved in something so that we can't always experience everything together.

New Animal on the Farm

Meet Ashes McDonald. He joined our family right before thanksgiving. He is Weimeraner and is now 10 weeks old. He is growing really fast! Bobby thought the kids were old enough to have a pet so here he is!!