Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vacation Fall 2009

Scooby Doo and Shaggy

Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat

Pteterdon Flyers- fyi if you have little ones around 36"-37" inches. I would not recommend this ride. The girls rode it the first day and Bobby and I both thought that they were going to fall off the ride at anytime. We were nervous wrecks on the entire ride so we don't really know if it was fun or not but the boys liked it and rode it twice.

Diego and the kids!

The teacups at Disney Christmas Party

The girls and Minnie Mouse.

Chloe and the boys with Spiderman. Caroline would wave and talk to him but wouldn't go anywhere near him!

Chloe and Heath with The Cat in the Hat. Eli and Caroline didn't want to touch him!

The kids on the Dr. Seuss playground. They really enjoyed this interactive play area!

Pleasure Island all dressed up for Christmas!

We went to Orlando for a long weekend right before Thanksgiving. We decided to true Universal Studios this time and we had fun but, we have decided that Universal is a place for people with much older children. There were a few things that the kids really had a lot of fun on but more of the attractions are geared toward older kids and teenagers. We did go to Disney for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and boy did we have fun. They close the park at 7pm for those that haven't purchased Christmas party tickets and they have a big Christmas Party. There are rides of course but they also have characters dressed in their Christmas attire all over the park, dance parties at various spots, hot chocolate and cookies, and of course the Christmas Parade and Fireworks! We had spent the morning at Universal and then went to Disney around 5pm. (They let you in with your Christmas Party ticket starting around 4pm.) I figured we would be taking out children who were fast asleep (it lasts until 12pm) but instead we took out children who were crying because they didn't want to leave!

Turkey Day School Parties

Thanksgiving brought about two different feasts to attend. The girls had a feast at preschool. They had make Indian costumes and headbands and sang a few songs before they sat down to eat. You can see a video of them singing below. Eli's class had a Thankful Thinking Feast. They had to make a list of everything they were thankful for and then they got to sample a few foods traditional to Thanksgiving. He also was chosen to be an Indian and had made his costume, necklace, and headband.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

The pics are a little out of order for the events of the day but you will get the idea that we had a very busy Halloween Day. The kids started off the day by carving the pumpkin with their Daddy. He did most/all the work but they were very happy with the results. Eli stayed very close the entire time and was very interested in what his Daddy was doing. Then we took a short nap and went the church's Harvest Festival. I didn't realize until I downloaded all the pics of the day onto the computer that I didn't get any pictures of the kids at the festival. They played lots of games and got lots of candy. Just as we were getting ready to get on the hayride it started raining(it had rained earlier but we were inside the tent) so we decided to head to the car for home. There was only 30 minutes left of festival time so we figured by the time it cleared off
(if it cleared off) it would be time for it to be over anyway. We came home and got our costumes on and went to Publix. The kids love to go to Publix on Halloween and play the games and win the prizes. Then we grabbed some dinner and went out to trick-or-treat. I made the girls change from the princess dresses because they drug the ground and it was wet. I wanted them to be able to play in the dresses again and I knew if they wore them the would get ruined. They put on their Georgia cheerleader outfits but they told everyone they were in Boomer Sooner clothes so I guess they are little confused about which team is which! Everyone was really tired after the days festivities and slept really good that night!!

Eli's Big Week!!!

Eli has had one exciting week! First he sang in "Big Church" on Sunday evening with his choir group. The video is below. Then on Tuesday he came home with Star Student stuff. He told me he got it in PE so I emailed his teacher and asked if he was supposed to have the stuff. She said that he indeed was the Star Student and that the pass out their rewards in PE so she never knows when they will find out so that is why she hadn't let me know yet. We are so proud of him for being such a good boy at school! On Thursday evening while I was working on homework with him while his sisters where at ballet, I saw his tooth looked funny. I told him to open his mouth and let me look at it and when he did I could tell it was loose. We wiggled it a lot and tried to get it out on Thursday evening because his "Big Boy" tooth had already popped through behind it and it wouldn't come out. But on Friday, I was looking at it and pulled it forward and when I pushed it back it popped right out! He got a silver dollar from the tooth fairy and he is so excited to have lost a tooth! Eli is growing up too fast!!!