Monday, March 8, 2010

Disney Cruise 2010

We went on a Disney Cruise while the kids were out of school for Winter Break. We had a lot of fun but I am so glad that we only did a 3-day cruise because everyone was really tired and worn out from all of the fun and excitement by the end of it. The boys and Caroline really enjoyed the kids club......Chloe kept having them page us to come and get her. The minute we checked her out of the club though, she wanted to go right back. They have great children's programs and the boys enjoyed playing the video games and working on the computers. We spent the evening going to dinner and the shows. I have to say the shows were my favorite part of the cruise.....they were really good. The kids loved Mickey's pool. It was a pool just for kids with Mickey's ears being warmer water and it had a slide that Eli and Heath liked. We got off the boat in the Bahamas and just walked around the shopping areas and the straw market. It didn't take us long because the kids are not good shoppers!! We spent that afternoon swimming and exploring the ships activities. Castaway Cay was Disney's island and the girls and Heath loved the beach. Eli is enough like his Daddy that when it got crowded....he was ready to go. I didn't do a good job on sunscreen so everyone got some sun!! After lunch we went back to the ship and went swimming and to the movies!
Favorites from the kids: Heath-the pool and kids club
Eli- Toy Story the musical
Chloe - swimming pool
Caroline- swimming pool and beach

In the welcome center while we were registering.
Our Dinner Date without the children!
Every night we had a different towel animal!

The Bahamas
Donald Duck
Princess and the Frog

Snow White


Castaway Cay with the Disney Wonder in the background.

Castaway Cay with the sun in their eyes.
Chip and Dale

We have so many more pictures but this is a little bit of the things that we saw and the things we enjoyed! I can't wait to go on another cruise.....but I am not so sure Bobby is ready for another!!