Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Pictures February 2010

Heath out in the backyard!
Chloe and Caroline Valentine's Day!

Front of our house the day after the snow in GA.

Ashes in the snow. He hates rain but loved the snow!

Eli eating breakfast. Isn't he cute!!

Derby Car Race 2010

All of the kids watching the races.
Heath watching his car race.

Heath's car is on the left.

Eli watching his race.

Eli getting his ribbon.

Heath's RA group had Derby Car races recently. They spent several weeks getting them built and painted and then they had the races. Heath was very disappointed because he didn't win. He had several races and won a few but didn't place. After his age group was over they said they were going to race the pre-k/kdg age group. This group is siblings of other RA boys but I didn't let Eli make his own car because I wanted this to be something special for Heath. While we were standing there watching the races Bobby asked Heath is Eli could use his car and race. Surprisingly, Heath said yes and off Eli went to race. He actually did really well and I think came in about 4th but they gave all the participants a ribbon just for participating. Heath was really cheering Eli on because he knew that if Eli did good it was because he was racing his car!!