Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lane Packing Company

We went out to Lane Packing Company (the Peach Place) the other evening to take some pictures in the wild flower patch that they had growing there. We discovered when we arrived that the wild flowers had been mowed down so the kids enjoyed the playground. We had a really good time until Eli needed to go the bathroom. The packing company was closed so we loaded up and headed home. At least we got some pics of the kids having a good time.

Splish Splash Mommy's Van Gets A Bath

I have decided that I will never have to worry about my children not having any job skills. Their Daddy decided to wash my van and when the boys found out they went rushing to help. Of course the boys could not be outdone......the girls jumped right in and helped. The had a blast getting wet and splashing bubbles in each others faces. Bobby said they wasted more soap on the ground than they used on the van.....but not the less my van was clean. If their future aspirations don't work out I can always bring out this picture and remind them they can always work at The Car Wash!

Caroline: The Next American Idol

This is Caroline's new past time while playing in the back yard! She uses the water hose attachment to sing her best renditions of Jesus Loves Me, ABC's, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She is very proud of her accomplishments and always says, "Look Mommy, I sing." Maybe American Idol will be in her future! Hopefully Simon won't say anything about that hair and the fact that she sings without any pants on!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Is Anybody Out There!

I am very new to this blog thing but want to know if anybody is even following! At the bottom of each post is a comment link. All you have to do is click on it and make a comment. I will look forward to hearing what you have to say. Also if you know of anyone who you think would like to follow the blog...you can pass the link on to them!

Eli Writes His Name

Since starting Pre-K Eli has become very interested in writing and drawing! Thank goodness because he has shown absolutely no interest up until now. He was drawing intently on the magna-doodle on Thursday afternoon. He spent a better part of thirty minutes drawing each member of the family and showing it to me and his siblings. He then called me in the living room and said look Mommy I can make E's. I said yes I am very proud of you did you learn that at school. He said yes and proceed to make E's both big and little. He was using the vocabulary that his teacher used to teach them how to make the letter. Then after doing that for a few minutes look what he did. Granted the letters are not in the right order.....but we at least can do all the letters in our name! Good job Eli!

Chloe and Caroline

The girls are definitely growing up! We started official potty-training last week. Boy did Mom have fun! I set the timer and when it goes off we all go the potty. I realized on Thursday that I was training Pavlov's dog because when the bell went off to go potty Chloe yelled, "Time potty" and then proceeded to potty all over the living room floor. I guess she gets the concept but forgot there is a place we go to go potty. They love looking at books and I thought this was a good pic of them reading in their playroom. Caroline is on the left and Chloe on the right. You can see slightly in the pic that they are in their big girl panties!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a Star!

We are so proud of Heath! He was chosen the Star Student of his 1st grade class last week. He came home with this backpack and yard sign. We were very proud to display this sign in our yard. Many of you know the troubles he had in kindergarten and this was a wonderful surprise! He really loves his teacher and school! Yeah Heath, you're a Star!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heath Plays Football

Heath started Upward Flag Football also. He loves running through the little tunnel before each game. He is the smallest on his team but he is not intimidated at all. He coach calls him "crazy on defense." He lead his team down the field completing two passes and handing off a couple of times to score a touchdown also. He seems to do well at whatever he does!

Eli Plays Football

Eli started playing Upward Flag Football this month. He doesn't really get the concept.....or so I thought. I was asking him what defense does and he told me "grab the flags." When I asked him what the offense does he said, "run to the flag...kind of same Mommy but different colors." His coach has resorted to putting a bicycle flag in the end zone for the kids to know which direction to run. Whatever works! He told me his favorite part of football is snack so that is why I included that pic of him eating snack!

Chloe and Caroline Turn 2!

I can hardly believe that the girls are 2! They love Elmo and Abby Caddabby from Sesame Street so we got them an Elmo/Abby cake. We got them a play kitchen and they are sure good at banging pots and pans! Granny got them Elmo pocketbooks and their favorite present was a big pink soccer ball!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Blog

I really wish that I had found out about blogging over 6 years ago so that I could have blogged my kids happenings (I'm not the best scrapbooker so this would have helped them remember what has gone on in their lives) but I didn't so I will just start where we are right now. Heath started first grade this year, Eli is in Pre-K, and the girls are at home with me! Bobby works very hard to make sure we have everything we need and even some stuff we just want! We recently moved back to Warner Robins and are loving our new house and living so close to Granny! I will post more as I get the hang of all this!