Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eli's School Easter Egg Hunt

Eli's Pre-k class plus a few siblings.
Eli and Chloe hunting eggs.
Eli and Christian waiting to hunt.
Chloe and Caroline found eggs in the chairs.
Eli finding eggs in his cubby.

Eli's school has a big Easter egg hunt every year.  This year it was raining (which it seems to be doing a lot) and so they had to hunt for eggs in their classrooms.  The children seemed to have a good time anyway.  I was very appreciative of the fact that they let siblings hunt eggs too.  Chloe and Caroline had a good time and loved being included.  You can see by the class picture that everyone seemed to have fun!

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Four Lights For Him said...

Love the surprise on Eli's face when he finds eggs in his cubby. :) Too cute!