Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swim Lessons 2009

We just finished swim lessons with the swim team.  The boys really enjoyed lessons and they really learned a lot this year.  We were very impressed with the amount of actual swimming instruction that the boys received.  Heath can swim the freestyle and backstroke(with a little assistance). He is diving off the starting block and can swim about 10-15ft. unassisted! Eli is much more confident in the water and is not scared of going under or getting his face wet.  He is really good at kicking!  He forgets to kick when he puts his face is hard to coordinate all of that but he is getting there.  They are already wanting to go back and the swim team does swim lessons year round here(the put a bubble up over the pool so they can swim year round).  So we may try to slip some lessons in sometime during the school year to keep their skills up!
Heath off the starting block.
Eli swimming.
He is proud of himself!
Heath swimming freestyle back to the wall.

Getting that all important certificate and lollipop on the last day!

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