Monday, September 21, 2009

Rocket Launch 2009

The RA's at church have been working on building rockets the past couple of weeks.  Heath has been so excited to finally get to launch them.  We had a picnic after church on Sunday and then they were off to launch rockets.  They launched 63 rockets!  Each child had the chance to launch theirs twice if they wanted.  At first Heath didn't want to because he didn't want his rocket to blow up where Bobby couldn't see it but after watching others do it twice he changed his mind.  He put his rocket up on the launch pad for the second time and then yelled, "Eli come here.  I'm going to let you launch it."  I was completely amazed at the fact that he was letting Eli launch it after he was so worried about it getting messed up.  I was also very proud of him for letting his brother have some fun.  Eli was enjoying watching but he was really wanting to get out there and do it himself.  I don't have any pics of Eli because he launched it so fast when he got up there that I missed it.  On the video of Heath's launch you can here Eli say, "Blast-off!"

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