Saturday, October 24, 2009

50's Day/Football Day

The kids both had special dress up days on the same day. First the boys had 50's day to celebrate the 50th day of school. The dressed in their best 50's attire and learned a little of what it was like in the 50's. They listened to 50's music, ate french fries, had coke floats, had a visit from Zero the Hero, and hula-hooped. They really had a good time and looked cute too! The girls were having Football Day at school. They had been studying the letter Ff and so they all had to dress up in their favorite football team. It was very hard for me to let both of the girls go in Georgia Bulldog attire but it was late notice and too hard to get something OU for them. They know Boomer Sooner when they hear it and even tell people we know that are Sooner fans, "Boomer" on a regular basis.

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