Monday, November 2, 2009

Eli's Big Week!!!

Eli has had one exciting week! First he sang in "Big Church" on Sunday evening with his choir group. The video is below. Then on Tuesday he came home with Star Student stuff. He told me he got it in PE so I emailed his teacher and asked if he was supposed to have the stuff. She said that he indeed was the Star Student and that the pass out their rewards in PE so she never knows when they will find out so that is why she hadn't let me know yet. We are so proud of him for being such a good boy at school! On Thursday evening while I was working on homework with him while his sisters where at ballet, I saw his tooth looked funny. I told him to open his mouth and let me look at it and when he did I could tell it was loose. We wiggled it a lot and tried to get it out on Thursday evening because his "Big Boy" tooth had already popped through behind it and it wouldn't come out. But on Friday, I was looking at it and pulled it forward and when I pushed it back it popped right out! He got a silver dollar from the tooth fairy and he is so excited to have lost a tooth! Eli is growing up too fast!!!

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