Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Soccer is in full swing and the boys are having a ball!! Eli really understands this year and loves games....practice he is not to fond of but he loves a real game! I found out from the coaches wife that he was actually ranked the highest player on the team. (They do evaluations before the season to make sure the teams are as even as possible so that one team doesn't get all the good players.) I was shocked to find that out but was very proud of him at the same time. Heath is full force as always and his coach is trying to teach him to control himself so that he can control the ball. This will be a good lesson for him to learn because when they have the opening kick-off he goes as hard and fast as he can and sometimes misses good opportunities because he is trying so hard. So if it is Saturday morning or Monday evening you will find us at the soccer fields!!!

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