Monday, September 22, 2008

Eli Writes His Name

Since starting Pre-K Eli has become very interested in writing and drawing! Thank goodness because he has shown absolutely no interest up until now. He was drawing intently on the magna-doodle on Thursday afternoon. He spent a better part of thirty minutes drawing each member of the family and showing it to me and his siblings. He then called me in the living room and said look Mommy I can make E's. I said yes I am very proud of you did you learn that at school. He said yes and proceed to make E's both big and little. He was using the vocabulary that his teacher used to teach them how to make the letter. Then after doing that for a few minutes look what he did. Granted the letters are not in the right order.....but we at least can do all the letters in our name! Good job Eli!

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Anonymous said...

Keep practicing, Eli, you will have the letters in the right place in no time. I am very proud of you!