Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eli Pre-K End of Year Pics

Eli has successfully completed Pre-K!  In one way I am so happy.....but in another way I am very sad.  He truly was blessed this year with a teacher that is truly an angel here on earth.  Mrs. Lora has worked wonders in Eli and he has blossomed under her guidance.  The end of year festivities began with what was to have been a water day.....but the weather played a damper in that in it turned into a bubble/fun day.  The kids had a ball playing with bubbles, Frisbees, mini jumpy houses, and baseball.  Eli loves to run and play and this was right up his alley!  Then on Wednesday the children and parents presented his teacher with a gift for all her hard work and dedication.  We gave her a gift card bouquet that she can use on things like gas, groceries, pampering, dinners out, etc.  Then on Thursday they had their program and graduation.  My videos from the digital camera aren't that good but I was trying to hold a video camera and digital camera and operate both at the same time.  He sang his little heart out and I think he may be a star someday because he seems to like being on stage!  Eli is off to a new adventure!  Lake Joy primary here he comes......I hope they are ready!!

Thank you Mrs. Lora....we truly love you and will miss you!!!

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