Monday, May 4, 2009

Livin' Inside Out Choir Performance 2009

Heath and Eli both performed Friday night at our church's Kidsong Dinner Theater.  Both had been practicing for a couple of months to prepare.  Heath had a little acting part where he acted like he was one of the three blind guys.  Eli got to stay on the stage for the entire performance.  They first thought the preschoolers would just sing a song or to and then go down and watch from the audience but the did so well they let them stay the entire time.  Heath did really well on his part.  We were blown away with how well Eli did.  He stood up there and sang his little heart out.  His director said he was her best one with knowing the words to the songs.  It was a wonderful evening....the kids had a blast and we enjoyed watching them!

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Anonymous said...

Cool sunglasses! I wish my boys were more interested in singing in the children's choir. Although I could make them participate. Maybe when we get to Georgia. :)