Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Day of School 2009

The first day of school has arrived!  In a way I was glad because we get back on a more predictable schedule but in another way I was sad.  I have enjoyed spending more time with the boys this summer and I have loved them sleeping later in the morning!  But with all of that said the first day of school has arrived!  
The first day of school!
Mrs. Comeau Heath's 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kiefer Eli's Kindergarten Teacher

 I can't believe that Heath is old enough to be in 2nd Grade.  It was so great to see him happy to see his teachers from last year.  This is the first time he is going back to a school that he has attended before.  He didn't seem nervous at all and he even told me "Mom I know where everything is at this year!".   Even though I can't believe Heath is old enough to be in the second grade it blows me away that Eli is starting Kindergarten.  I was the crying mom this morning because I know that this is going to be a huge adjustment for him.  He is not used to going to school all day and I am not used to him being gone all day.  He will do great and I know they both are going to have a great day!

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Swirl Girl said...

You guys have already started school??? Wow! That cute little kindergarten teacher looks a little like you! :) Your kids are cute.... Now you will get a little time for yourself while they go to school!!! Enjoy my friend!