Friday, August 14, 2009

Royal Ambassador

Heath is so excited to be apart of RA's at our church.  He went for the first time two weeks ago and was told to memorize the pledge so that he could receive his vest and RA patch.  Of course, in typical Heath fashion he was determined to do it by the next Wednesday night.  We set out learning on stanza per day until he had it all memorized.  God was helping Heath out without Heath even realizing it because the day he was to say the pledge at church a new boy enrolled in his class at school.  When I picked Heath up I told him we needed to practice his pledge before church and he said," Don't worry Mom I have been practicing it all day.  The new boy in our class had on his RA t-shirt and I have been reading it off his back all day!"  So I had him recite it and sure enough he had it totally memorized!  He was so excited when he came down to my classroom to go home because not only did he get his vest but they also gave him a RA backpack to bring his stuff to church in.