Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dance Recital 2010

Backstage with their friend Brooklyn.
Chloe on stage.....she rub her eye so it looks like she has a black eye!
Caroline dancing!!!
Tap number......they caught fish at the end.
On stage with the whole studio for the finale.

The girls had their first dance recital! After many dance recitals in my lifetime it was weird to be on the other side of the process. I completely understand what my Mom meant when she said that she didn't really remember what the dance was like until she watched it at the actual recital even though she had sat through rehearsal because I was the same way. I was so concerned with getting pictures(which aren't great but I did get some) and trying to video that I didn't really even watch them at rehearsal. On the way home from rehearsal Chloe yelled from the backseat, "Mom, you listening? That was fun!!!" It was totally worth sitting in the studio every week trying to keep Heath and Eli occupied for an hour when I heard that come out of her mouth. The both danced and remembered most all of the movements......which is rare for children their age. They smiled and looked like they really enjoyed themselves. They have asked already when they get to dance and sing on the big stage again. I did learn a few lessons.....their hair does not curl well so next year they will get a bun, Chloe doesn't like mascara, and Caroline loves lipstick!!!
P.S. I worked for over an hour trying to get video to upload.....there was an error so I will try again when I have more time!

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Emily said...

AHhhh I wish I had thought to snap pictures at rehearsal, rather than video the whole thing! Those stage pictures of the girls are good! Brooklyn had a great time too, and can't wait to go back and dance again :) Good times!