Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heath Finishes Primary School!

Heath helped lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Getting his certificate from Mrs. Comeau.
Singing the dreaded song.....yes Mom cried the entire time!
Clap Out....getting a hug from Mrs. Shirey his favorite counselor!
Mrs. Comeau....the best 2nd grade teacher ever!!

He finished 2nd grade last week. He had the best teacher and she pushed him to learn new things and think for himself. He was challenged daily by the kids in his class as well as Mrs. Comeau. He will "graduate" to the Elementary school next year and so this was a bittersweet last day of school. He loved attending Lake Joy Primary and loved the teachers he had the privilege of seeing everyday. They had a very long awards assembly on the last day of school as well as what they called a "Clap Out." The Clap Out was where all the teachers and children in the school lined the halls and the 2nd graders walked the halls of the school getting cheers, claps, and high fives from the children and staff. Look at Lake Joy Elementary.....Heath is on his way!

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