Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jack O'lantern

Okay, Bobby claims he has never carved a pumpkin but he said he would do try anything that would make the kids happy. The boys have been begging us to carve a face on their pumpkin. We found a book with some templates in it to make the carving a little easier and Bobby said he would give it a shot. We started out on Sunday evening a little before bedtime. You will notice that the kids change from play clothes into their pajamas before this is all over with. Our kids are not really good about sitting still and not touching things so I thought it would be best if we watched the carving process with little breaks. So we start off on the porch and Bobby cuts the top off and opens the inside. He had the kids smell it and he thought Eli was going to throw-up all over him! After he cleaned out the inside.....we all went in to take baths. Bobby worked at carving until we had a really cute little pumpkin face. You did good Daddy! The kids were so excited!

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