Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

We went to a farm about 30 minutes away last night because on the website it said you could pick-your-own pumpkin. Well........they had a patch and a few pumpkins thrown out in the field but we were pretty disappointed in our experience. The "farmers" had closed down the store early that day because it had been slow (school was out,etc.) and were working on their mounds for the strawberry patch that they have in the spring. They were using stuff that was not good for kids to be around so they had closed up shop. She let us go out in the "patch" and get a pumpkin since we had traveled a ways. The boys wanted to take the first one they saw but Bobby walked around and showed them a few more before they picked. We thought about getting another one but when we went to pay for that one we were glad we had only chosen one. It cost $9 for a pumpkin that we could have gotten at Wal-mart or the commissary for $4. We probably won't go back for that experience again....but like Bobby said we would have never know if we hadn't tried it!

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