Saturday, October 4, 2008


Our neighbors cat had kittens and they are now old enough to be out and running about. We had already been spending time with the momma cat (we call her Penny) because she would often come into the backyard and visit. Now we are spending time with her sweet little kittens. Of course the kids would love for us to take one into the house and make it ours.....and our neighbors would like that too....but I just don't want to take on anymore responsibility! So we will just love on them whenever they decide to come into the fence. Heath spends a lot of time climbing the fence and sitting and watching them play on the other side begging me to let him go and get one to play with. They surprising find their way into the backyard on their own and seem to like being carried around by four little people. The girls yell "kitties" whenever they see them and Eli has gotten a lot better at being gentle. He had to have some lessons in that because everything Eli does is wide-open and often is not gentle! So you may see pics of the kittens from time to time....but we are not going to have a cat of our very own!

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